Inka & Niclas

In love with this website belonging to one of my favourite duos, Stockholm based artists Inka & Niclas Lindergård.

Inka & Niclas’ work focuses on expectations on nature and the landscape, and how photographs have formed those expectations. Together they travel and explore all of the different components that constitute the powerful psychological effects of different natural phenomena and landscapes.

One of my favourite projects by the duo is their series “Watching Humans Watching” in which they spent four years capturing the dynamic between people and nature by taking an objective approach to their subjects, much like the way wildlife photographers document wild animals.

Around the same time they created the “Saga” series which was photographed in almost all of the same locations as those in “Watching Humans Watching” but this time the artists actively intervened in the surrounding nature, using painted props, coloured smoke-bombs and flash bulbs as means to deal with their own mystification of nature, influenced by myths and fairy tales.

You can check out their most recent body of work Becoming Wilderness and other projects here on their website.

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