One year ago today my first solo exhibition opened in Teresaki, a tiny coffee shop in Kofu, Japan. It was at the end of a five week arts residency I did in AIRY, Yamanashi. On show were some some objects and collages I created as part of my Hanami project as well as some prints of research photographs.

24 | 24 interview

‘Kim has an affinity for exploring and an eye for beauty that I admire. Her creative practices, both personal and professional, are thoughtful. When I first met Kim, she was beginning her Project, Hanami, which took her overseas from her home in Glasgow, Scotland to an artist residency in Yamanashi, Japan where she created work for her project and exhibited in her first solo show. Now, she is contemplating how to further pursue her interests, work, and art. ’

A couple of months ago the lovely Morgan Shockley from 24|24 interviewed me about my work and things.

Read the full interview here.


I don’t use tumblr anymore and as much as I love instagram I hate only viewing things on an iphone screen, I guess here’s where I’ll now post all of my visual stories/rubbish.

To start it off here’s a print of a photograph I took when I was 11 taken from a roll of 35mm I shot on my Dad’s camera of my little sister and my best friend at the time, Sheona.

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