Still The Water

Went on a Sunday trip to the GFT to see Naomi Kawase’s Palme d’OR nominated Still The Water last night.

The film set on the tropical island of Amami is a slow moving, very Japanese coming-of-age drama which has received quite mixed reviews, some saying it’s a little too schematic for it’s own good or that it takes an awfully long time to say not very much. Personally I thought the rhythm and pace of the film was just right and found the whole thing very enjoyable and even quite mediative to watch.

My favourite aspect of the film was how every emotion the two main characters (teenagers Kaito and Kyoko) felt was reflected in the natural world around them. A few too many poetic shots of crashing waves or rustling trees for some maybe, but I felt it represented the therapeutic and redemptive power of nature better than any film I’ve seen in a long time.

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