The Lookout Bothy

After a few days camping on the Isle of Skye, we spent the night of my 23rd birthday here at The Lookout - a former coastguard watch station at Rubha Hunish, the most northern point of the island. The front part of the building (the watchroom) was built in 1928 for the coastguard but by the 70’s was no longer needed and so became a favourite haunt for whale spotters, bird watchers and those just looking to enjoy the panoramic views from the large bay window. In 2005 a bad storm blew out all the windows and so the MBA agreed to renovate the building so it could remain available as open shelter. On this night we shared the bothy with a group of skydivers from England and played card games, drank beer and listened to stories all whilst enjoying the views of the stormy skies and sea.

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